How many inches of fluid is in a 55 gallon drum?

How many inches of fluid is in a 55 gallon drum?

The most common barrel is the 55 gallon drum. Sizes vary from about 22 to 24 inches in diameter and 32 to 36 inches in height. The total volume of the barrel is normally greater than the volume of product inside.

The average Skolnik 55 US gallon open head drum is 34.70 inches in height with a diameter of 20.50 inches . The drum has a round chimes and 3 hoops. The first hoop is placed 3 inches from the top curl while the other 2 hoops are centered on the drum.

Standard 55-gallon drums have a radius of 11.25 inches on the inside, which means that the inner dimensions of these barrels measure 22.5 inches in diameter.

Weight: The weight for 55 gallon drums varies depending on thickness and material used. Metal drums, on average, weigh about 40 pounds, whereas poly drums average about 20 pounds. Water weighs 8.33 pounds per gallon, which means each drum will have 460 pounds of water, added to the weight of the drum itself.

An 8-inch ear of corn contains about 0.50 lb equivalent of shelled corn grain; therefore, 112 8-inch ears would equal 1 bushel (1 bushel = 56 pounds).

Moultrie 30-Gallon Gravity Tripod Feeder The 30-gallon hopper will hold 200 pounds of corn per fill.

Measure a closed head drum top diameter as the area between the lips on both sides. Place the tip of a measuring tape inside of an open head drum in the middle and measure the diameter from side to side. Read the measurement in inches to the nearest tenth of an inch.

320 lbs. J.J. If you are filling a standard 55 gallon barrel with no funnel you can get about 7 1/2 fifty pound bags in it. When it is full or nearly full smack several times on the side of the barrel to help “settle” the corn.

To find how many gallons are in the barrel, simply convert the total volume to gallons. Gallons can be found using the cubic feet to gallons formula: gallons = ft3 × 7.480507.

A conventional 55-gallon drum has an interior radius of 11.25 inches, meaning it has a 22.5-inch interior diameter.

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