How long do sponges live for?

How long do sponges live for?

This is a typical ball sponge, probably Cynachyra alloclada. These are often fine at very small sizes, but larger ones tend to starve. Some sponges can thrive in areas of low current, such as under or behind rocks. But, for many, a stronger current is essential.

Some species of reef fishes eat yellow tube sponges, but the primary predator is the hawksbill turtle. Yellow tube sponges reproduce both sexually and asexually, with asexual reproduction typically occurring only when storms or other disturbances break off part of the body.

Google+. The yellow tube sponge is a relatively large sponge (to over 3 feet/1 m) that lives on coral reefs around the Caribbean Sea and its adjacent waters.

A: The average lifespan of a sponge is 10 years or less. Sponges living in a temperate region may not live past a few years, but those living in the deep ocean may live to be 200 years old.

Sponges can be attached to surfaces anywhere as deep as 8km in the ocean on the bottom of the ocean floor. There are a higher number of sponge individuals and sponge species in the tropics of all regions because the water is warmer. They like to live in clearer waters over murky waters formed by currents.

The sponges feed by filtering water though their body wall and by trapping fragments of food such as algae, plankton, dead organic material and bacteria to consume (Pawlik, 2011). They are primary consumers. The water enters the sponge via microscopic pores along the body of the tube.

The, now filtered, wastewater exits the sponge through the large opening at the top (called an osculum). They also obtain oxygen from the water during this process. Some species of reef fishes eat yellow tube sponges, but the primary predator is the hawksbill turtle.

Can reach sexual maturity within 3-5 years. They are found on fore reefs and drop off zones. Found in areas with strong currents.

And some sponges can live for thousands of years. One sponge has been estimated to have lived for around 11,000 years! How can these animals live so long?

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