How fast do the World of Outlaws go?

How fast do the World of Outlaws go?

approximately 700 horsepower
A lower-budget and very popular class of sprint cars uses 360-cubic-inch (5.9L) engines that produce approximately 700 horsepower (520 kW).

Outlaw Winged 410 Sprint Cars
The Outlaw Winged 410 Sprint Cars can reach speeds of 150 MPH, making them the fastest cars on dirt.

Lewis Hamilton At number 1 in Highest-Paid Race Car Drivers is Lewis Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton is probably one of the greatest F1 drivers in the world and for good reasons. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that he is also the highest-paid F1 driver.

This race is longer in distance, sometimes up to 100 laps in major events. The pit area at Eldora is located inside of the racing oval….The ‘411’ on The World’s Greatest Dirt Track.

I’m talking pure cost, without sponsors, parts deals, ect… a competitive 410 sprint car you see on the track with the WoO is $60,000-$85,000 dollars to build brand new (car and engine).

How much HP does a world of outlaw sprint car have?

With a top speed of just over 150 mph or just under 250 kmh, the car that pops wheelies seems so much fun to do that drivers sometimes forget what they are truly driving.

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