How fast did OJ Simpson run the 100 yard dash?

How fast did OJ Simpson run the 100 yard dash?

Blount, who picked off 57 passes during his 14 seasons in Pittsburgh, was just as bold when he weighed in on the greatest quarterback of all time conversation. “To this day, I’d take Terry Bradshaw, and I’d go out there and I’d be just as comfortable and confident that we could win a game with that guy that we can with anybody else,” Blount said.

As great as he was, Bradshaw didn’t have an NFL rule named in his honor. Blount does hold that distinction, as the NFL created a rule change in 1978 that prohibited the contact between defensive backs and receivers. From its inception, that rule has been known in history as the “Mel Blount Rule”.

A half-century ago, when Blount began what turned into a Hall of Fame career, he was unlike any other cornerback who proceeded him. The prototype for a perfect NFL cornerback, Blount had the size (6-foot-3 and 205 pounds), speed (he ran a low 4.4 in the 40-yard dash) and natural athletic skills to dominate opposing receivers.

Who wore 47 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

How old is Mel Blount?

Personal bests

Mel Blount/Position

Leslie Blount
Mel Blount/Wife

4.7. The fastest 40 time ever turned in by Pittsburgh’s beloved Jerome Bettis. 177 for 1,566. The number of catches and receiving yards Mewelde Moore has in the last six seasons.

Simpson is one of the fastest running backs in the history of college football, with a best of 9.53 in the 100-yard dash and a 10.3 in the 100-meter dash. He finished sixth in the 100 at the NCAA championships in 1967, making him the first of three Heisman winners to earn All-American honors in both track and football.

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