How does Creon change?

How does Creon change?

What is the effect of Creon’s change of heart?

Is Creon a static character? Creon is a dynamic character, he quickly changes from the stereotypical harsh ruler to feeling more compassion toward Antigone. Creon denies Antigone a burial for her brother, Polynices, he considers him a traitor.

Is Creon a dynamic or static character?

Creon was seen in a different context in Oedipus compared to his character in Antigone. In Oedipus, he wanted nothing more than to help Oedipus rid the city of whatever plague the gods were hurling at them. In Antigone, Creon becomes king of Thebes after Polynices and Eteocles commit fratricide in battle.

Angered, Teiresias condemns Creon’s decision as an act of grave impiety, and predicts that he will be punished by the loss of his own child (1034-1090). After Teiresias has gone, Creon becomes frightened, and at the urging of the chorus finally changes his mind.

How does Creon change at the end of the play?

Throughout the whole play Creon believed the idea that he was above the law of the Gods and his decrees cannot be disputed. Creon takes responsibility of the death of his son and wife by calling himself a “rash” man and this is where Creon undergoes the changes of a dynamic character by admitting that he was wrong.

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