How do you get rid of weeping willows?

How do you get rid of weeping willows?

How far should you plant a weeping willow tree from your house?

Re: Planted a new weeping willow tree. Typically recommendation is to stake a tree for one year only and pretty loosely at that.

How long do you keep a weeping willow staked?

Willow trees can be beautiful and graceful. However, they can also be invasive, with roots that destroy septic systems and water pipes or send up sprouts all over the yard. If the tree is large, or if there are overhead wires nearby, have a professional remove the tree.

The roots of a Weeping Willow tree can spread over 100 feet long. If the tree has reached maturity and the foliage is between 45 to 70 feet long then the root system can spread out over 100 feet.

Should I stake a weeping willow?

Spray the willow tree stump thoroughly with the herbicide. Alternatively, girdle the large willow tree by cutting a 2- to 3-inch-wide strip around the entire trunk — through the bark and cambium — and paint the herbicide over the cut areas. Multiple applications of the herbicide may be required to kill the tree.

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