How do you get Helephant?

How do you get Helephant?

How to get rid of Taurus in Tower of the Helephant?

The base Damage of this Spell increases by 200 every time he is not attacked, but will never go higher than 1,800 Damage. “I taught my minions well!” – If a Wizard casts a Damage over Time (DoT) Spell at Belloq, his Minion may cheat cast Triage on him….Creature:Belloq (Twin Giants)

While it is a fun area to play, it is not really necessary. The Wysteria rings/athames are very good and will last you until level 50 or so, but you can find them in the bazaar.

Destroy them! He casts a -50% Smoke Screen every three Rounds, making it easier for Ervin to use Skeletal Dragon. Quench does prevent this cheat.

Register on with a user name and a valid email address. Click Play on to download and install the game on your computer. Click the Wizard101 icon on your computer desktop to start the game. Follow the instructions to create your Wizard and be taught the first steps of playing Wizard101.

How do I get started? First of all, make sure that you have completed Wysteria’s main quest line and right when you reach level 60 you will be notified to go talk to Belladonna Crisp (the cross lady on the Wysteria loading screen). Take the quest simply titled ‘Tower of the Helephant’.

The helephant is a pet that is given to fire wizards at level 48 for their spell quest. It is fire school only. If you really want one, you can either level a fire wizard to 48 or hatch one of your pets with a helephant, which may give you the pet.

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