How do you calculate Delta HVAP?

How do you calculate Delta HVAP?

Similarly, the amount of energy absorbed when a substance melts, and released when the same amount of substance freezes, is the same. Sublimation, a substance going straight from solid to gas phase, also involves the absorbing of energy.



How much energy does water gain during melting?

10.10: Enthalpy of Fusion and Enthalpy of Vaporization

What is the delta H vaporization of water?

Re: 4I. 3. In part (a), the equation you use to calculate the standard enthalpy of vaporization is delta S (vap) = delta H (vap) / T(boiling point in K). So you get delta H (vap) = (85 J/K)(80 + 273 K) = 30,005 J or 30.0 kJ.

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