How do you abbreviate cousin?

How do you abbreviate cousin?

Here are some adjectives for cousin: fierce smaller, distant and rural, glamorous older, young and captivating, adventurous and vagrant, above-mentioned dear, small and belligerent, distant fourth, knowledgeable criminal, gallant distant, extraterrestrial or smaller, naive, sweet, dangerous, handsome, slight, aerial.

The abbreviation CUZ is a contraction used with the meanings “Cousin” and “Because”.

Cuz = All crip gang members will say this word at the end of each sentence. Cuh-rip = the ghetto way of saying the word crip. Killa = instead of saying the word “soo-whoop”. On Crip = instead of saying “i swear to god” they said this.

CUZ Full Form is Because

Is Cuz a real word?

It has abbreviated form, that is ” cuzz” and it is a relative. Slang of cousin is ” Cuz ” by shortening and alteration.

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