How do I use a GT key?

How do I use a GT key?

memory plus
Press “M+” (memory plus) to add the presently displayed number to the value in memory. You can also use “M-” (memory minus) to subtract the present value from the stored value.

Most calculators have the ability to store a number in memory in addition to the number that appears directly on the screen. The ms (memory store) button copies the number from the screen to the memory. The mr (memory recall) button brings the memory value back to the screen.

What is the use of MR in calculator?

Calculator Function Keys

How do you do M+ and M on a calculator?

To recall the grand total memory, press the GT key once. To clear the grand total memory, press the GT key while displaying the grand total. The basic use of the Mark-Up (MU) key is identical to using the % key to add a desired margin percentage to the input number.

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