How do I unlock my Pixton?

How do I unlock my Pixton?

Click the Change Action button of a character you’d like to flip. Click the Left Side View icon or Right Side View icon to flip the character.

How do I change my Pixton skin color?

You can delete or duplicate your comic by following these instructions:

Classic Pixton shut down on December 31st 2020 and was replaced with Pixton EDU. The makers of Pixton used this evolution in technology as an opportunity to develop a new visual storytelling product with a broader audience in mind.

Pixton is accessible through any web browser and can be accessed on phones, tablets, and computers.

Does Pixton cost money?

How To Delete A Student’s Comic

All objects in the inserted set are locked by default. To unlock then, make sure you’re in the default (gray) mode, then click the unlock button.

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