How do I get to Trollheim in rs3?

How do I get to Trollheim in rs3?

We recommend at least be in 70 level in your melee stats, 39 level prayer for protect from magic, and level 70 prayer for piety. If you die in the encounter with the Hespori boss, Arno, an NPC can reclaim the gear that you lost in the Hespori cave for only 25,000.

In addition, Hespori has a chance to give the Tangleroot pet as a tertiary drop.

Icy basalt is an item that can be used to teleport to Weiss, near the herb patches. It may only be used after the finishing Making Friends with My Arm. To create an icy basalt, players must use a basalt with three efh salt and one te salt. A player teleporting to Weiss via the use of icy basalt.

80 minutes

How long does a herb patch take to grow?

Trollheim is the tallest mountain in Old School RuneScape. It is located right to the east of the entrance to the Troll Stronghold.

All methods of travelling to Trollheim require at least partial completion of the Troll Stronghold quest.

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