How do I fix a slow game on PCSX2?

How do I fix a slow game on PCSX2?

How can I make BlueStacks 4 run faster?

It has made a space for itself by giving one of the best experiences to play PUBG Mobile with LD players. It is safe and there isn’t any malware detected to date…but don’t know about the future because it’s Chinese and maybe spread virus later once it invaded your computer.

LDPlayer is an amazing Android emulator, and it is superior to NoxPlayer with its strong FPS mode. The LD store is the same as Google Play, which requires the gamepad feature. All your favorite games are available on the LD store, and you do not have to sign up the same way as you do for Google Play.

Which is better BlueStacks or LD player?

Click on config you will see a drop-down. Click on Video (GS) you will see a small drop-down, then click on plug-in settings. That’s all click on Ok to save, run a game on your PCSX2 and you will see your frame per second increased to 100 fps and your PCSX2 game lag will be fixed.

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