How do I find my ups InfoNotice number?

How do I find my ups InfoNotice number?

The package will be returned to the sender, and they must refund you. It’s best to contact the company to tell them you have refused delivery and want a refund, rather than just trusting they will get the message when it comes back to them.

If the mail carrier delivers you the shipment and you want to refuse it at the same time, then simply ask him/her to return that mail back to the sender. If the delivery is made before sometime or some days, then write “Refused” on the mail and put it into the mailbox or you can ask the mail carrier to pick it up.

Refusing and sending back unwanted mail delivered to you by the USPS is a very simple process: Write “Refused” on the mailpiece. I’d suggest doing this near the postage area, although that can be hard to find on some pieces of junk mail.

Change your delivery instructions after a missed delivery attempt in three easy steps

Did not Receive UPS InfoNotice?

Enter your 12-digit UPS InfoNotice number in the Tracking or InfoNotice Numbers field, and select the Track button. This will take you to the Tracking Summary page. On the Tracking Summary page, select the Change Delivery button: Will Call: UPS will hold your package at a nearby location for you to collect.

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