How did Randall die in walking dead?

How did Randall die in walking dead?

Who are the survivors of The Walking Dead?

Who was Randall Culver in The Walking Dead?

Why did Shane let Randall go?

How did Shane turn into a walker if he wasn’t bit?

Shane suddenly killed Randall by breaking his neck, as he had wanted to all along. Randall’s death seemed to give him little to no guilt, since Shane used it as an opportunity to lure Rick into the woods.

When he gets stabbed by Rick, he rises as a zombie because no trauma was dealt to his head. Once shot in the head he is a corpse. Randall also had the disease and he was killed by breakage his neck and when was left there “dead” rose as a zombie soon after.

If Randall was left alive, Sam comes in and kicks him repeatedly in the ribs. Michonne can restrain her or allow her to continue her assault. Michonne is able to interact with Randall a short time later, briefly talking to him, and given an option to punch him.

Randall Culver/Status

Neck snapped by Shane Walsh (alive)
Randall Culver/Cause of death

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