How did Carl Alfalfa Switzer die?

How did Carl Alfalfa Switzer die?

After a few roles in the follow-up to The Little Rascals, including an advert for McDonalds, Holmes did not appear in another film until 2014, when she starred in TV movie, We Hate Paul Revere. Now in her 30s, she lives in Los Angeles after quitting acting to go to high school and college.

She is now in her late 20s, living in Los Angeles, California and is focused on finishing her studies, which will gain her a degree in political science.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, California, United States
Дарла Худ/Место сахране

Who was the last little rascal to die?

Mission Hills, Лос Анђелес, Калифорнија, Сједињене Америчке Државе
Carl Switzer/Место смрти

Carl Switzer/Узрок смрти
On January 21, 1959, Switzer and a friend went to the Mission Hills home of Moses “Bud” Stiltz, to collect a debt Switzer believed he was owed. A fight broke out, during which Stiltz shot and killed Switzer. A jury later ruled the incident justifiable homicide.

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