How can I tell if my watch has radium?

How can I tell if my watch has radium?

So, What is a Vintage Rolex? For the sake of argument, we’ve decided our own definition of a vintage Rolex is one made before 1979—and it is as good as any. The late 70s/early 80s were certainly fascinating times for the mechanical watch industry—those manufacturers that were left anyway.

Almost all Swiss watches have “Swiss Made” or “Swiss,” sometimes surrounded by Ts, at six o’clock on the dial in small font. This may be hard to see with the naked eye. Every part of a Rolex is made in-house, so it should not have any parts that are not made in Switzerland.

Eventually, scientists and medical professionals realized that these workers’ illnesses were being caused by internal contamination from the radium they ingested. By the 1970s, radium was no longer used on watch and clock dials.

When did watchmakers stop using radium?

Top 5 Vintage Watches from Rolex

“T Swiss made T” means that the watch is Swiss and contains a certain quantity of tritium that emits less than 227 MBq (7.5 mCi). Most Swiss watches use photoluminescent light emission, sometimes indicated by the optional marking, “L Swiss Made L”.

How do I remove radium from my watch?

If it has luminous markers, and made prior to the 1960s, then the watch most likely has radium. After 1998, watches may have Swiss or Swiss Made on the dial, however by this time LumiNova was used instead of radium.

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