How can I lower my RDW levels?

How can I lower my RDW levels?

Higher than normal RBCs may be caused by cigarette smoking, heart problems, and dehydration. They can also be caused by problems with your kidneys, bone marrow, or breathing. Living in a high altitude may also increase your RBC count.

A normal range for red cell distribution width is 12.2 to 16.1 percent in adult females and 11.8 to 14.5 percent in adult males. If you score outside this range, you could have a nutrient deficiency, infection, or other disorder. However, even at normal RDW levels, you may still have a medical condition.

A high RDW (over 14.5%) means that the red blood cells vary a lot in size. A normal RDW is 11.6 to 14.6%, but researchers from the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute found that patients with a RDW level greater than or equal to 12.9% had an increased risk for depression.

What is considered high RDW?

What causes high RDW?

As iron deficiency progresses, decreased erythropoeisis develops. New erythrocytes are smaller, causing the RDW to increase slightly, as there is a mix of older normocytic cells with younger microcytic cells. Laboratory findings include low ferritin, low MCV, high RDW, and increased transferrin.

What does it mean if you’re having low RDW? A low RDW is desirable since it is a sign that your RBCs are uniform in size. A low RDW is not a cause for concern. But even if you have a low RDW, still you may have a blood disease.

What is RDW on a blood test?

1) Eat a Balanced Diet. Eat a healthy and nutritious diet in order to prevent nutrient deficiencies. It is important that your diet includes enough iron, folate, and vitamin B12 [8, 11, 12]. Correcting nutritional deficiencies can help improve red blood cell production and decrease RDW levels.

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