Does Space Mountain have steep drops?

Does Space Mountain have steep drops?

Space Mountain is an indoor roller coaster at the Disney Theme Parks that’s themed around a thrilling trip through outer space. The ride itself is located in a giant futuristic-looking mountain, hence the title.

Space Mountain begins at Station 77, where riders board their “rocket.”. Space Mountain is 118 feet tall and 200 feet wide, and its foundation is buried two stories below ground to keep it in scale with the other Tomorrowland attractions.

Space Mountain is the name of a space-themed indoor roller coaster attraction located at five of the six Disneyland-style Disney Parks.

Expedition Everest
Expedition Everest – Disney’s Animal Kingdom It’s largest drop is the tallest at Walt Disney World, coming in at 80′ tall.

Motion sickness may be an issue But, even though there is a LOT going on with this attraction (and we have had issues with motion sickness on all of the attractions that we find Rise of the Resistance to feel the most similar too), we didn’t find that we had much trouble riding it.

8.5 m
Frozen Ever After/Drop

Space Mountain offers A LOT of drops and dips which come as a total surprise to the rider since they can’t see them coming! The coaster’s steepest drop registers at 39 degrees but you can expect to lose your stomach multiple times during this ride!

8 m
Space Mountain/Drop

between 10 and 20 feet
How high is the drop? The final drop on Rise of the Resistance is between 10 and 20 feet, though because of special effects it can feel like more. A lot of people thought it was going to make the ride scary, but personally, I don’t think it’s intense enough and almost everyone will be able to handle it with no problem.

Drops. Space Mountain doesn’t have big drops. Both of the ride’s tracks only have a few small drops, but it’s a stretch to even call them “drops” in a traditional roller coaster sense. They’re more like quick dips in the track.

There are no steep drops – the longest is 39 feet – but many twists and turns.

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