Does Ronnie die in Disturbia?

Does Ronnie die in Disturbia?

Why does Indiana Jones carry a whip?

Who is Harrison Ford’s son?

He was finally credited as “Harrison J. Ford” in the 1967 Western film A Time for Killing, starring Glenn Ford, George Hamilton and Inger Stevens, but the “J” did not stand for anything since he has no middle name.

How old is Harrison Ford?

Shia LaBeoufIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

34 years (11 June 1986)

How much did Shia LaBeouf make for Disturbia?

As Kale attempts to rescue him, his ankle monitor goes off. The police arrive, and Kale informs them that Ronnie is in danger. Kale’s fears of Ronnie being dead are satiated, when Ronnie reveals himself to be alive and unharmed.

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