Does KFC have milkshakes?

Does KFC have milkshakes?

MTN DEW Sweet Lightning is the first exclusive beverage to be offered at KFC.

KFC (formerly known and still referred to at times as Kentucky Fried Chicken) is the world’s second-largest restaurant chain by sales (after McDonald’s). They have nearly 20,000 locations globally. In fact, the majority of their fried chicken and many of their sides are made without any milk.

Set to arrive on July 1, MTN DEW Sweet Lightning is billed as “the first exclusive beverage to be offered at KFC” and only the second time the Dew has partnered with a fast food company, “the first being the hugely successful Baja Blast which debuted at KFC’s sister restaurant, Taco Bell, nearly a decade-and-a-half ago …


Do KFC still sell krushers?

This fast food store specializes in chicken as their main product. The KFC menu prices include foods such as chicken sandwiches, chicken burgers, wings, nuggets, chicken wraps, chicken pies, ice cream, sundaes, as well as milkshakes.

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