Do you say I love you in Samoan?

Do you say I love you in Samoan?

One = tasi; Two = lua; Three = tolu; Four = fa; Five = lima; Six = ono; Seven = fitu; Eight = valu; Nine = iva; Ten = sefulu; Other useful Samoan numbers. 20 = lua sefulu; 50 = lima sefulu; 100 = selau; 1000 = afe . Learn some simple Samoan words from the current Miss Samoa & Miss Pacific Islands!

It’s the most commonly used sentence to say “I love you” in Samoan. You can use it to express your feeling to your partner, your best friends, your parents, and even in a religious setup. “Ou te alofa ia te oe ma loʻu loto atoa ” or “I alofa ia te oe ma loʻu loto atoa ma le agaga”.

“Uso” is the Samoan word for brother, and “uce” its shortened version. “Dox” is the Tongan equivalent. Starting out as “tokoua”, meaning sibling in Tongan, shortened to “toko”, then to “toks” and finally to “dox”. And, in case you’re wondering, “one outs” is asking for someone to have a one-on-one fight.

: a Samoan chief functioning as an adviser and debater on matters of public policy and expected to be thoroughly informed on matters of traditional lore.

United Service Organizations
USO stands for United Service Organizations. Find out about the origins of the name.

The Samoan word you use to refer to your brother or your sister depends on your gender. If your sibling is the same gender as you, then he or she is your uso. For example, if I am a girl, my sister is my uso. If I’m a boy, then my brother is my uso.

English Translation. love you.

ʻAiga is a word in the Samoan language which means ‘family. ‘ ʻAiga consists of a wider family group of blood and marriage or even adopted connections who all acknowledge the matai (head of the family).

What is your name? (Formal:) ‘O ai lou suafa? (Informal:) ‘O ai lou igoa?

Faʻafafine are people who identify themselves as having a third gender or non-binary role in Samoa, American Samoa and the Samoan diaspora. It has been estimated that 1–5% of Samoans identify as faʻafafine.

I love you, I love you. Agamalu ma fa’amaoni, alofa ia te oe.

How to say I love you in Samoan? Ou Te Alofa Ia Te Oe!

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