Do torches stop mobs spawning Terraria?

Do torches stop mobs spawning Terraria?

How rare is a blessed apple?

What is a unicorn horn called?

The Unicorn on a Stick is a Hardmode novelty item which, when selected, is held stationary in front of the player to provide the illusion that they are riding a unicorn. It has no real function, unlike the Unicorn Mount. It can be dropped by Unicorns with a 1% drop chance.

What does a unicorn horn do in Terraria?

Unicorns do not spawn in the Underground Hallow (Cavern layer, etc.) and increasing spawn rates helps greatly.

The Blessed Apple has a 0.5% chance to drop, increased to 0.67% in Expert Mode. This enemy and item only exist in the desktop version of Terraria.

Can statues drop souls?

No. There hasn’t been any official word on this yet, only that they won’t stop monster spawns in a given area. Slimes spawn all the time, so torches definitely won’t affect them at all either way, thus the use of walls. If walls prevented all mobs from spawning, you’d think no mobs would spawn underground.

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