Do Army recruiters come to your house?

Do Army recruiters come to your house?

Can you trust Army recruiters?

Can Army recruiters lie?

For most students, the military is a pathway out of poverty. The military covers everything, from housing and tuition, to food. The Pentagon knows this and they use it to their advantage, actively targeting students from lower-income communities.

Does the military target the poor?

The Army seeks to attract more recruits, like Zoellner, during Army National Hiring Days, which runs from Monday through June 14 as the service pushes to meet its recruiting goals. The Army exceeded its recruiting goals last year with help from the first hiring days campaign.

An effective method for recruiters—military or otherwise—to reach the people they want to hire is by being actively involved in their communities. For Army recruiters, this means participating in community events, sports games, and school functions to demonstrate they aren’t simply robots looking to fill quotas.

How can the military attract recruits?

Why does the Army try to recruit me?

Yes, Military Recruiters can come to your house. During my rotation as a USMC Recruiter, I would show up at John or Jane’s Homes. Most of the time my visits were by invite.

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