Did Wendell Scott have siblings?

Did Wendell Scott have siblings?

Before NASCAR banned the Confederate flag, and before Bubba Wallace entered his first race, one man broke down the color barrier in NASCAR. This is a brief story about Wendell Scott – the first Black NASCAR driver in history.

Frederick Patterson

Who was the first black person to drive a car?

“One of the greatest atrocities in sports history is the fact that Wendell Scott never received his trophy from 57 years ago in Jacksonville,” his grandson, Warrick, said in a NASCAR-produced video highlighting his grandfather’s life and times.

He formed the Black American Racers Association in 1972 with Wendell Scott, Ron Hines and Malcolm Durham. Scott, the first black driver to compete in NASCAR, was an honorary chairman. The group promoted black driver development and also honored black drivers, mechanics and others in auto racing.

What did Wendell Scott do as a child?

His older half brother Ira was from his father’s previous marriage, his older half sister Willie Elizabeth was from his mother’s previous marriage, and his younger full sister was born two years after him. About 1924 Wendell and his family moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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