Did Shirley Temple drink or smoke?

Did Shirley Temple drink or smoke?

Shirley Temple
But the original mocktail, so the story goes, is the Shirley Temple. There’s a variety of competing claims out there about the drink’s origins. Several restaurants and hotels in Beverly Hills, and even Hawaii, say they invented the drink for Temple when she visited with her parents.

Glass of ginger ale
Splash of grenadine syrup
Shirley Temple/Ingredients

Child star, Shirley Temple, was a little girl with curly hair that popularized the gorgeous pin curls during the Great Depression. Traditional Shirley Temple curls are about the size of a sharpie marker or larger, but there are many new variations of the style.

Why is a cherry Sprite called a Shirley Temple?

What do Shirley Temples taste like?

Shirley Temple died from a crippling lung disease brought on by a lifetime of smoking, MailOnline can reveal today. It is well known that Temple chain-smoked all through her late teens but in her later life she tried to keep the habit a secret, fearing her homespun goody-goody image might be tarnished.

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