Did Nancy McCoy marry Frank Phillips?

Did Nancy McCoy marry Frank Phillips?

Ellison Hatfield
On Election Day 1882, on the Kentucky side of the river, a fight broke out between several McCoy brothers and Ellison Hatfield, Devil Anse’s brother. The McCoys shot the unarmed Ellison Hatfield in the back and stabbed him twenty-six times, all in sight of the festive crowd.

Did top Hatfield cotton hang?

On 2/18/1890, he was hung in Kentucky’s last public execution and buried in an unmarked grave within sight of the gallows. His last words were reportedly “They made me do it. The Hatfields made me do it”.

The Hatfield and McCoy men fought for the Confederacy, though neither owned slaves. Devil Anse may have earned his nickname in his early twenties when he was said to have single-handedly held off a company of Union soldiers from a stone pinnacle in the Battle of Devil’s Backbone.

Johnse Hatfield
Love Despite Hate In 1880, as the feud was raging, Roseanna McCoy fell in love with Johnse Hatfield. The pair ignored the consequences of falling in love with one another. Legend says, Johnse convinced Roseanna to cross the river from Kentucky into West Virginia and live with him.

Who did Roseanna McCoy fall in love with?

Nancy fell in love with Frank Phillips before each of them was divorced from their current spouses. They lived together for two years before they were married. Nancy married Franklin Phillips on September 5, 1895 in Pike County, Kentucky.

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