Did cavemen use bow and arrows?

Did cavemen use bow and arrows?

Did any airbenders survive the genocide?

The oldest known evidence of arrows comes from South African sites such as Sibudu Cave, where likely arrowheads have been found, dating from approximately 72,000–60,000 years ago. In Eurasia, the bow and arrow reappears around the Upper Paleolithic.

How does the Fire Nation bow?

Mountain Banshee
Mountain banshees (Na’vi name: ikran) are large, dragon-like aerial predators that are native to Pandora. They are used by the Na’vi for hunting from the air and traveling larger distances.

What are the glowing things in Avatar?

PRIMITIVE cavemen may have been wiped out by man’s early ancestors armed with bows and arrows, a study suggests. Scientists in Italy have found evidence that early homo sapiens were using spears, arrows and darts at least 40,000 years ago — 20,000 years earlier than previously thought.

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