Can you be a girl in Rune Factory 2?

Can you be a girl in Rune Factory 2?

How do you marry Cecilia in Rune Factory 2?

Marriage Requirements To get married, you must have the bachelorette at 10 hearts, have united the town and the Univir, have the double bed (purchased from Diamond General Store), and complete all of her requests. Then, Wells and Marjorie will show up and give you the engagement ring’s recipe for the Workshop.

How do you get married in Rune Factory 3?

Yep, you can play with either gender from the start.

Diamonds are found in the 5th dungeon like you said, and that doesn’t open until after you propose. Luckily, though, Diamonds aren’t really needed too much until you get to the higher-level equipment such as the Diamond Brooch and the Platinum Sheild.

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Rune Factory 2 and Tides of Destiny. You have to play as a guy through the first half of the game though. RF4 is the only one you can play as a girl at the start of the game.

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