Can I use expired polysporin?

Can I use expired polysporin?

Is polysporin better than Neosporin?

If your wounds are deep or more severe than minor scratches, cuts, scrapes, and burns, talk to your doctor before using either product. The antibiotic in Bacitracin stops bacterial growth, while the antibiotics in Neosporin stop bacterial growth and also kill existing bacteria.

Is bacitracin better than Neosporin?

If kept cool and dark, it should be useful indefinitely. Quoted: That particular compound: Bacitracin is very stable, and has no harmful breakdown components. Stored below 75 degrees, it will still be usable for at least a decade.

A. Probably nothing, in the case of most over-the-counter products. The expiration date on creams is really the date at which point the manufacturer is willing to guarantee that their product is at least 90 percent potent. Use common sense–if your cream has a funky odor, tainted color or change in appearance, toss it.

Is it OK to use expired Neosporin?

It does not contain Neomycin. Using POLYSPORIN® past its expiration date is unsafe, risky, and does not guarantee similar effectiveness. Do not use POLYSPORIN® that is expired.

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