Can I use 3157 instead 4057?

Can I use 3157 instead 4057?

3057 and 3157 Bulbs Are Interchangeable The 3057 and 3157 bulbs can be interchanged. They have the same Wedge D.F. fittings for mounting, so they can be installed in the same holder. Both bulbs can be used in most lighting applications in the car lighting system.

Fillable South Carolina Change of Address Form 4057 993 votes Rate Me! Form 4057 is a form completed to report a change of address to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. This form stores residence, housed, mailing, and temporary addresses.

Simply put, their base contact points. Whereas a 1157/3157 contains two filaments. These are most commonly used in turn signals where two filaments are needed.

What is the difference between 1157 and 3157 bulbs?

The difference between the 4057 and 4157 is the brightness of the tail light filament in the two-filament bulb. The brake light filament is 28.5 watts, while the tail light filament is either 6.7 or 7.5 watts.

Q: Can I Use The 3157 Instead Of 4057? Ans: There is also the 3057 vs. The 3157 can work in place of the 4057 as they have the same wedge base, likewise to the 3057.

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