Can I put money on my CSC card online?

Can I put money on my CSC card online?

What happens if you use too much detergent?

How much detergent should I use?

The cost of cards is $5 per card plus applicable taxes and the minimum order quantity is 10. Please allow 10 business days for delivery of card orders. A minimal shipping and handling fee will be applied to the order.

What coins do laundromats take?

With the laundry card system, a digital balance is stored on a contactless smart card. The reader debits the balance and starts the machine. Users can add value to the balance on their card or purchase a new card at the Value Add Center kiosk using cash, credit cards or Apple Pay.

Yes. You can deposit money into the card’s account, which would increase the balance. You can use the card in a washer or dryer, which would decrease the balance. You could also try using the card in other payment systems, to see if it works and decreases the balance as well.

How do I check the balance on my Cscsw card?

Through the CSCPay Mobile app or an online account, students can check machine availability, reload funds, receive laundry cycle completion alerts, and request service or refunds from anywhere, at any time.

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