Can I feed my guinea pig coconut?

Can I feed my guinea pig coconut?

Should I cover my guinea pig cage at night?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat pineapples but in a moderate quantity. Feeding your guinea pig with fruit is beneficial to their health. Do not feed pineapple juice to guinea pigs. Make sure you give them vitamin C-containing food to keep them healthy.

Can guinea pigs eat pineapple?

If you are wondering if your guinea pig can eat raisins, you’ve come to the right place! The short answer is yes, they can, but no, they shouldn’t. Chances are that your guinea will love raisins and for good reason. They are soft, chewy, and sweet, all the perfect characteristics of an ideal snack!

Make sure you do not feed your guinea pigs the following foods (this is not an exhaustive list): cereals; grains; nuts; seeds; dried beans, corn, and peas; buttercups; garden shrubs (such as hemlock or privet); lilies of any kind; sweet peas; nightshade; oak; avocado; onion grass; onions; potato tops; mushrooms; …

What foods are poisonous to guinea pigs?

In a word, guinea pigs can eat coconut BUT coconut is not a healthy or beneficial food for guinea pigs. If you want, you can give your guinea pigs a few pieces of coconut as a snack, which will help keep their teeth clean and their gums strong.

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