Are Zappos shoes authentic?

Are Zappos shoes authentic?

Is zappos a good company?

Zappos was and today, still is no ordinary business. To them, they were investing in what really matters in delivering their core business principles. So customer service was the emphasis of their business, but their number one priority was their company culture. Hiring the right people is the main path to success.

Why is Zappos so successful?

A statement provided to PEOPLE from DTP Companies, which Hsieh founded in 2012, said he died surrounded by family. Connecticut Office of the Chief Medical Examiner later confirmed to PEOPLE that Hsieh died from complications of smoke inhalation and his death was ruled as an accident.

Does Amazon own Zappos?

The shoes must be in new condition to return so don’t go stomping in the mud. They are owned by so they are pretty legit. They don’t have a very good selection of non-athletic shoes, though.

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