Are Bronies attracted to ponies?

Are Bronies attracted to ponies?

Why is brony a thing?

Does Twilight Sparkle have autism?

To be sure, most bronies are not autistic, and fans cite a variety of reasons – the animation, the storylines, the characters, the humor, the references to classical mythology – for loving the show….

Are Bronies dying?

Brony, by the very nature of the word, refers to specifically male fans, though some women use the term to refer to themselves. Another term, pegasister exists as an alternate feminine form.

So to sum things up, it’s ok to be a brony. It’s ok to be different. If you find yourself questioning yourself on being a brony and liking the show ask yourself not if it’s ok but why you love it. We can get pretty intense when we talk about the things we love.

What is Brony culture?

The stigma associated with Bronies is primarily regarding sexuality. The pedophile stigma associated with Bronies is due to the heightened media attention to Bronies who consider themselves “Cloppers.” Cloppers are Bronies who are sexually attracted to the ponies in MLP and create pony pornography.

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